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Welcome to the World of Evelyn Dall


Welcome to Evelyn Dall's Official website.


This site is dedicated to the career and life of the talented and vivacious American entertainer Evelyn Dall. 

Memory Lane Magazine in the UK released Evelyn's first three dedicated CDs.  They contain all extant recordings from her original 78s and film soundtracks.

I can provide bespoke copies of the first two CDs for £11 each plus shipping in the UK. 
Information about the titles included on each CD can be found using the following  Order Evelyn Dall CDs link.


Her third CD release is shown below which can be ordered through Memory Lane magazine (follow Order Now button.)

This site is twinned with my own site,         with information on Al Bowlly, Buddy Rich, His Master's Voice portable gramophones, Bitsy Mullins, Kerrie Biddell and much more.


Dave Cooper

Eveyn Dall and Friends CD

Evelyn Dall and Friends CD

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